Abe's Hot Dogs (South Main Street)

Hey there food followers! We are back with our next food review! It's a Saturday mid morning and i have a craving for a hot dog, not just a hot dog, a chili dog. Now here's the question... Where do you go? The highways and biways have taken us to Abes on South Main Street in Wilkes-Barre. I am sure you have seen Abe's around, however this is the original Abe's and not affiliated with any others. It's truly one of a kind. As i walked in they do offer counter seating and provide booths, it's not a big place. It is a warm welcoming type of place where everyone greets you with a "Hello". Well i wanted some chili dogs so i ordered four with everything, (Mustard, onions, and chili). It was a very delicious chili dog, the chili sauce is not look like most others, it has a different type of texture and flavor, its more of a dry sauce. The best way to explain it. Also i noticed this particular Abes not only does alot of "sit down" customers, but a lot of "take out". As i was waiting for my order to come out i hear people placig their orders from 4, 8, even 12 dogs with some everything and some with different toppings on. A couple sitting next to me at the counter noticed that i was doing a video so i explained that i was from Wyoming Valley Reviews, the wife is actually a follower of the page so i took a moment to thank them for their support and watching my videos. Now this Abes does not serve fries, however they sell chips as well as burgers and when the season is in soups and chili. Now after i had my delicious chili dogs i was still craving something else? I noticed that they were offering pie, so i got a piece of chocolate creme and peanut butter. I did not ask if they were "store bought" or "homemade", either way it was very delicious. If you don't believe my words check out the video we did along with it... Until next time my friends, thank you for your continued support..

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22 Apr 2018

By Wyoming Valley Reviews