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Happy Mother's Day from all of us here at Wyoming Valley Reviews! What better way to treat a mom then to bring her to the American Grill, located in Exeter Pa right on route 11. As i walked in i was imediately greeted by one of the servers, i was told i could sit where i would like to. Now The first thing i noticed and appreciated was the booths, they are not bolted so if your like me and on the "fluffier" side you can still not feel awkward squishing yourself in a booth, now for anyone who has gone through this like myself knows what i am talking about. Now the one thing here is they do not serve breakfast, but they do offer a variety of items to choose from. The nice thing about their burger patties is that they are not pre frozen, they are fresh mixed with beef and other meats, ill explain a little later on. With today being rainy and cold i wanted to order a cup of soup, i got the "beer" cheese soup which had ground up brisket along with their signature sauce, it was a more creamer type of soup and the taste was something i never had before? This was a very delicious tasting soup, i recommend this to everyone to try! Now for main main course i got what was called the "cadillac" burger which was a patty made from beef and brisket topped with cheese and their special "American" sauce. It also came with a side of fries and a pickle. You know i always gotta get that refreshing taste of Coke A Cola! Now as for the burger, you could tase the freshness, his blend of spices were out of this world. Now as you can see in the video review that was a nice thick burger and the bun was not your normal burger bun. I forgot to ask my server what kind it was however it was not your average burger bun. Now almost full i was asked if i wanted desert? At first i was not until i noticed the southern style banana pudding. This was served in a small mason looking jar filled with bananas, pudding, and whip cream, very delicious! Now overall my experience was a thumbs up. Now even though it was busy the staff still kept everything tidy, booths were wiped down once the guests left, i didn't see any messes around so as a former restaurant manager i always look for this. So i want to give a shout out to the owners and staff for keeping a nice clean looking establishment, and also great job on the food! Don't just take my word for it, watch the video by clicking the bottom of this review and ill see you next time...


American Grill Video Review

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13 May 2018

By Jay