Brickhouse Tavern now have a loyalty program!

Here is an update on the new Brickhouse loyality program. For those with a smart phone, download the Perka app from your app store. It is free. Search for the Brickhouse Tavern. It is the one with our logo, not the one with the red strip. Sign in when you get here. You must start a tab, even if paying cash at the end of the night. Ensure the bartender knows you have signed in. At the end when you pay, you will receive the point on your phone

1) your points will continue to accumulate until used. After every 100 points you get, you will get a $5.00 certificate. We can either print it out for you or you can leave it on your phone app. Next time you come in we can take it right through the system. And the points will be removed from your app. If you keep your points acumuulating you will only be able to use 1 $5.00 certificate a night.

2) if you don't have a smart phone you will need to run a tab even if paying cash at the end. When you pay your tab the bartending can print you out a scannable ticket. Once your tickets equal 100 point bring them in to use as your ceritifcate.

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