February 20, 2019
Food Review: Kava Korner

Hello my fellow food warriors! It's your host with the most back to bring you another local establishment to have a good time and get some good tasting food! Now normally I go out and find a mom and pop place, now todays episode is a little bit different. Recently I received a message through the Wyoming Valley Review...

March 30, 2019
Food Review: Maranjo's Pizza And Italian Eatery

Hello food warriors! I am so excited to be bringing you our next episode! Now todays show is brought to you by request from one of our viewers by the name of Rich, so Rich i hope you enjoy! Now this is the former Villa Foglia located on Wyoming Ave in Exeter, walking into this establishment i was able to tell right of...

March 23, 2019
Food Review- Bad As's Sandwich

You know you are in the right Sandwich place when you see three tables around you passing their sandwiches around the table for everyone to taste. We knew right away we were in for a treat. Bad As’s Sandwich shop located at 207 N Primrose Dr in Orlando, Florida is a perfect sandwich shop. Chef John Collazo moved fr...

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