Food Review - Bo Brothers Revisited (Smoked Wings)

What's up my fellow food warriors! In today's episode we stopped off at a locally owned restaurant located on the borders of Wyoming and Swoyersville across from the Forty-Fort Airport called Bo Brothers. Now just like in all other places you can get pizza and chicken wings however here you can get your wings smoked instead of fried So "hint, hint" for our awesome members who are trying to stay away from fried items? Now i got the mild sauce wings with blue cheese and celery. These wings were so tender and juicy, unlike fried wings you get the "smokey" flavor throughout the wings. It was literally like you tasted the sauce and still tasted the flavor of the smoked flavor. I recommend everyoe try these "smoked" flavored wings. Now i got six cuts of red pizza where the pizza had a crispy tasting dough whith tasted like a blend of seasonings mixed with the sauce and the cheese. Even the pizza alone is worth taking a trip here. Now they offer wines, burgers, sandwiches and much more. My server very polite and made sure my sweet tea was always filled. Now they do have a dinning room separate from the bar just in case you want a more intimate area to dine with your significant other. Great job to the owners and staff of Bo Brothers and we look forward coming back to try your other items. Until next time i hope you have a great week!