Food Review - Brother Joe's Hoagie Shop

Hello fellow food warriors! Today we stopped at a place in Kingston called Brother Joe’s Hoagie Shop located on East Union Street. Now for a while I have been hearing some positive feedback on social media regarding this establishment so I had to check it out for myself and bring you the scoop. Now for me I had a little difficulty finding this restaurant do to it’s location, it sits diagonal from the old Tudor Book Store location, it sits on the side of the fire station so you may pass it if not looking for it. Now walking into Brother Joe’s I noticed its a simple yet inviting place to enjoy your lunch, they have a TV on for your viewing pleasure. They have a small assortment offered also like bottled sodas, coffee and chips. From what I read their menu offers also cheese steaks/chicken cheese steaks hamburgers and also fries. I ordered the what I was told is a special which is a hoagie, bag of chips, and a soda, I ordered the American-Italian, bag of sour cream and onion chips, and of course Coca-Cola. Now I do want to mention one of the gentlemen who work there recognized me from our food videos so I want to take a moment to say thank you for watching! Now my hoagie comes out and I got the basics lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, and for twenty-five cents more I added sweet peppers. Now I swapped the dressing for mayo, to me the dressing makes it soggy, (who likes a soggy sub?), now I am not a fan of seeded buns, this bun was so soft I didn’t notice or taste the seeds. The cold cuts and the cheese just by the taste you can tell it was fresh and not sitting somewhere. This was a very tasty lunch and recommend everyone stop by or do a take out, now the one thing is though they do not take cards so bring cash. My total bill was seven dollars and fifty cents for everything, a great deal in my opinion and when you do stop by tell them you saw this video review courtesy of NEPA’s Local Eats & Take Out’s powered by Wyoming Valley Reviews. Until next adventure food-a-holics I hope you have a great week!