Food Review - Budd's Pizza Cafe (Saturday Special Review)

Pals and Gals it's yours truly coming to you from our latest filming location! Miss Michelle and i stopped off at Budd's Pizza Cafe here in Edwardsville. Now we walked in about 5:30 PM and there was a small crowed already there enjoying the atmosphere. Now we were greeted friendly by the servers so right off the bat i liked this place. Our server told us about today's special which was a large round pie with one topping with sixteen wings for just $19.99. After looking through the menu we went with this and as our topping for the pizza we chose bacon and the wings mild, Michelle ordered the sampler which her choices were onion rings, breaded mushrooms, and mozz sticks. Let me tell you with this pizza we got THE BACON! They did not skimp and you got yourself a bacon covered pizza, now you were still able to taste the other ingredients also so kudos to the baker tonight he did a great job! My wings came out and they were done up just right, you had your crispiness on the outside but tender on the inside. They were not overdone, the sauce even though was mild had a nice "zip" taste to it where you tasted the flavor of the chicken and still can taste the sauce. Overall i give this place a "BIG THUMBS UP" and recommend everyone to come out and check this place out. It is lent season for the members who do follow the Catholic faith and what better then on a Friday night to go out and get some Pizza! Until next time food warriors