Food Review - Haystacks

Hey there food believers! In today's food episode we were on the hunt for some breakfast this Sunday morning. Now it was around 10:00 when I stopped in Haystacks over in WB TWP across from the Price Chopper grocery store. Now there was not a lot of people there at this time, it could have been do to people could have been in church? As I sat there I did notice more people starting to come in, now keep in mind it is Memorial Weekend and people could be having cookouts or traveling? Now the booths are mounted and I was not sure how it would be do to being a more big boned type of person? The booth I was seated was a more wider booth making me feel at ease and comfortable. Looking through the menu I was interested in an omelet today but which one do I want? My choice was the “Haystack” Overstuffed Omelet where it was packed with ham, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese and onions. I was offered a choice of sides which my choice was home fried potatoes and sourdough toast. As you all know “Chef” Jay does not do coffee in anyway shape or form so I got my usual starter of a large OJ and a large white milk. What felt like a five to ten minute wait my food arrives and my plate was hot. My toast not overdone or under toasted, in my opinion just perfect, tasting the potatoes they were soft on the inside with just a bit of crispiness on the outside. My omelet what can I say other then delicious, it’s a little hard to call this one when you have all those flavors hitting your taste buds. I will do my best though, the ham tasted like it had a slight smoked flavor which had a really great taste. The tomatoes mixing with the onions made a really good combination. I can chalk this up as a great breakfast dining experience, during my time at Haystacks my server also gets a A+ for making sure I was taken care of. Even the chef made an appearance walking around saying hi to the guests to make sure everything was OK. Now this is something you don’t see often where a chef comes out personally to check up on things and to see if the guests are enjoying his creations. A big thumbs up and I recommend everyone trying this restaurant. Now wrapping it all up today with the bill, it came to $10.91 where I do want to personally thank Haystacks because without me knowing they just did it on their own was comp my juice and two milks, they did not have to do this at all. Until next time food believers it’s your host with the most saying have a great week!