Food Review - Kelsey's Restaurant

Ok Everyone i am so excited about this episode because not am i only thinking outside the box and trying seafood, i have a guest eater with me today! Now Paul who is a fellow co-worker wanted to be in a video so we decided to go to Kelsey's where a mutual friend works at also. I won't say her name here but she knows who she is? "wink, wink" Now today i did not drink a Coke, or an adult beverage, i had a glass of refreshing iced tea, Paul had a cool glass of lemon water. Ok looking at the menu i wanted a meal so for starters i had a cup of seafood chowder, (so did Paul), I decided on the lobster mac and cheese and Paul ordered shrimp scampi over noodles. Now during our dinner our servers Lisa and Kate kept oour glasses full of liquid. Now because i never had lobster i have nothing to reference taste on, but i will do my best. The pasta nice and creamy and lots of it, i am unable to describe the taste of the lobster so i do appologize . However the chowder very hot and tasty, you can taste the crab, the seasonings, and the flavor. Even just being a cup it was so delicious. My lobster was out of this world and as you see from the video you got your moneys worth! Now as you can see Paul in the video he gives his description and just how satisfying his shrimp scampi was. We both had a great dining experience at Kelsey's and look forward returning in the future! (I just may try the scampi this time) Until our next food adventure i hope you all have a great weekend and ill see you along the NEPA roads! Check them out on social media! Like & Follow them on Facebook.