Food Review - Lakeside Skillet Out At Harvey's Lake (Breakfast Review)

April 20, 2019


Hello Pals & Gals it's your HOSTS WITH THE MOST! That's right today i have a guest with me. I would like to introduce to you all Cinnamon Austin, the founder of Cinnamon Austin Photography and is also an Herbalife Independant Distributor. I will place her links below so you all can check her out! Now in today's episode we stopped out at The Lakeside Skillet that sits out on Harvey's Lake. We both got the scrambler skillets, i got the meatlovers and this place makes orders your way. Cinnamon do to food allergies requested that some items be left out and they were ready to please. As we were walking in we noticed this place was full, it was this past Sunday almost around noon time? Our waitress named Mimi answered any questions we had regarding the menu, The wait time was not long. Cinnaman had coffee and of course you know i do not do the coffee, i got the standard large OJ and large Moo Juice (AKA White Milk). Now while we were filming this review we also did a Facebook Live video. Now i forgot to mention that we got sourdough bread too. The meat portion, ham, sausage, onions, peppers all brought their own distinct flavors even though mixed together. This was seasoned throughout, not over spiced, just enough to give it that homemade taste. My eggs were fluffy and filling, our waitress was there to see if we needed anything even though there were still coming in. The price was really cheap, i broke it down in the video however for the both of us it was twenty-six dollars and change, you got your money's worth! As you can see from the video it's a cheddar/mozzarella mix, or you can request other cheese. A "BIG THUMBS UP" to the owner and staff for a great dining experience, a big "Kudos" to the kitchen staff for cooking such a great breakfast so i do recommend everyone come out here and check it out? Until next time it's your hostess and host with the most saying until next week.... P.S. - I would like you all to check out Cinnamon's page and website. Throw her a like and let her know you saw us here... Thank You All