Food Review - Nucleus Raw Foods

Hello there food warriors! In todays episode i am literally going outside the box so to speak and trying a vegetarian dish. With not ever eating vegetarian before i have nothing to reference on as per taste however i did the best i can explaining along with the help of one of the co-owners. Now it had a flat pressed bun made out of zuchinni bread with whats called their "nuclear sauce" which has a thousand island base. Now it was filled also with lettuce and the patty was made with sunflowers i believe? Now my drink was a chocolate chocolate chip smoothie, i did call it a milkshake in the video however i was incorrect. I was informed afterwards that they do not make traditional milkshakes however it was a chocolate smoothie. Now i have to call it like i see or taste it, with the ingrediants blended it had a very delicious flavor and with the jalapenos it gave it a nice kick to it, this burger was a little spicy and tasty. For my first time eating vegetarian i can honestly say i had a good dining experience. Now as you all know i also base my reviews on two more things, one being the staff, you know my biggest pet peeve is feeling welcomes into the restaurant your going into and right even before i walked into the establishment i was greeted by the other co-owner who was eager to welcome me and explain to me a little about their brand. Walking into Nucleus Raw Foods i was also greeted at the counter. And the second is the restaurant itself, this is a place where you can sit at a table and eat your meal or if its just a smoothie your looking for you can lounge back in one of their comfy chairs and read a book if you like? If you are a person who enjoys a more "meatless" entree or goes back and fourth and your looking to try something new stop by and say hi to the staff here at Nucleus Raw Foods and tell them NEPA's Local Eats & Take Outs sent you and that we also say "Hi". I give this as my first vegetarian experience a big thumbs up to the owners and staff and recommend that everyone who likes to try different things to give them a try... Until our next adventure it's your host with the most saying take care.