Food Review - The Sweet Treet Restaurant (Overall Review)

What's up everyone! Now in todays episode we stopped at a place called Sweet Treet to get some lunch. Now this is a special episode because I brought along some guest eaters with me, Michelle, Devon, and “Lil B' Brandon. For those of you who may not have heard of this place it's located right near Kingston Corners across from Walgreens. Now they are open for breakfast and lunch and also known for “Jim's” breakfast special, now I believe it costs somewhere around $2.39? I did mention it in the video, you get 2 eggs, cottage fries and toast of your choice however I was there to try a lunch. All of us got the following: Lil B got a kids grilled cheese with fries and a chocolate milkshake, Devon got a B.L.T with fries and a strawberry milkshake, Michelle got a B.L.T. Fries and a cup of coffee. I had a cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, and tomato with a side of fries and of course a can of coke along with a chocolate milkshake. All the shakes were hand mixed, very creamy and tasty. As per my guest eaters they enjoyed their BLT's and my burger had a delicious taste to it, not welldone to where it tasted like a rock, however not rare, right in the middle/medium. Now for all who knows me ill go as rare as they will because thats just the best way to eat a burger. Now walking in around noon time they had a crowd, however we were all greated in a friendly mannor, we had our order pretty quick and timely fashion. Oh they do not take cards, I believe they have in the past but not now, it's a cash only restaurant. Kids under 12 eat free and our bill for us all came to $35.00 dollars which really is not bad considering the sandwiches, fries, sodas, coffee, and three milkshakes. I recommend everyone to check this spot out if you have not, and if you did check them out again... :-) Well I want to thank my guest eaters and thank you all for watching this video, supporting WVR and I will catch you next time at our next food adventure. Until then have a great week and be blessed!