Food Review- Bad As's Sandwich

Food Review- Bad As's Sandwich

You know you are in the right Sandwich place when you see three tables around you passing their sandwiches around the table for everyone to taste. We knew right away we were in for a treat.

Bad As’s Sandwich shop located at 207 N Primrose Dr in Orlando, Florida is a perfect sandwich shop. Chef John Collazo moved from Allentown PA to Orlando and started out with a food truck, this has now expanded into a permanent place on Primrose. No more driving around hunting down for these bad boy sandwiches, we know exactly where they are at all times now.

I had the hangover with a bowl of tomato soup, and my partner in crime had the Mafioso. Stuffed with meat, you better go there hungry because they don’t look like big subs, but they hold a lot. One of the main things I really liked is the bread. It was very fresh, but not thick, it didn’t over power the sub. I found that very refreshing. The soup was very good, I can’t tell you it was the best soup I have ever had, but I would have it again. Both subs came with kettle chips, not a lot, but just enough to have as a side. I couldn’t finish my sub it was so full of meat, and my partner had to let the last bite of his go. He couldn’t finish it no matter how much he wanted to.

I’m happy to report that we will be returning for more and next time I just might get the IRA, or the Garfield, ummmm, no the Soprano looks good also, oh my so many choices.