Food Review: Kava Korner

February 20, 2019

Hello my fellow food warriors! It's your host with the most back to bring you another local establishment to have a good time and get some good tasting food! Now normally I go out and find a mom and pop place, now todays episode is a little bit different. Recently I received a message through the Wyoming Valley Reviews Facebook Page from the owner of a place called Kava Korner. As you all know I love connecting and supporting local, so as you all know I was pretty excited to reply. Saturday night 2/9/2019 about six thirty I walked in, now before I go any further the location is at 217 Carverton Road, prior to it being current the location was a small grocery store and I believe a take out place? Now parking is tight but thats nobody's fault because when I walked in the place was packed. As you all know me my pep peeve is you gotta feel welcomed, this was my first time there or hearing about it. I walked in and right off the bat greeted and felt very welcomed by the owner himself. Now ill let the owner of Kava Korner explain what Kava is so you gotta watch the video. Now I was introduced first to the sampler which consisted of the following items. 1) wing bites, (I tried both their mild and spicy sauce both very tasty, the spicy one did not overpower but give a flavor you can enjoy). 2) homemade salted pretzel logs, (very tastey and warm from out of the oven). 3) forgive me I can't remember the full name however they were bagel pieces with a side of sauce and what looked like seasonings, this was something I never had before. 4) There version of giant egg rolls (filled with onions stuffed with shredded sirloin, given with a side of their version of a spicy ketchup), This could have filled you up alone, OMG guys and gals this was so delicious just all the seasonings. 5) now that was not all, they gave you a side of ranch and marinara sauce for a side of poppers and mozz sticks. All of these side items had their own unique tastes and flavors, to go through all I can't. But that just alone is a meal in it self. Now remember I still had my main course coming, before I get into that I just want to stop and say that all the bread from the sub rolls to the burger buns to the pretzel logs are all baked in house, the cheese for the cheese steaks are homemade and not like the orange cheddar we are use to, nope there cheese sauce is based off of a white cheddar cheese. Very, very, very tasty. Now my Cheese steak comes out filled with peppers, mushrooms, onions, white cheddar sauce stuffed with sirloin on a home baked sub roll. This came with a side of home cut fresh string fried potatoes. Very tasty and delicious. Now this was a course all by itself, with the platter I was not able to finish so I had them box it to go. Now as for the Kava it's better to let the owner explain to you in the video. I recommend everyone to go out and say hi to the Kava Korner! Oh and one more thing, the owner himself has something to tell you all, you gotta watch the video to find out though. Until our next episode everyone be safe and be blessed.... Later!