Food Review: Maranjo's Pizza And Italian Eatery

March 30, 2019

Hello food warriors! I am so excited to be bringing you our next episode! Now todays show is brought to you by request from one of our viewers by the name of Rich, so Rich i hope you enjoy! Now this is the former Villa Foglia located on Wyoming Ave in Exeter, walking into this establishment i was able to tell right off the bat this is not just another pizza place, yes they do serve pizza however you get to dine in and get more of a restaurant dining experience. They have two sections, the bar area where you can sit right at the bar or at a table or choose to sit in the more secluded dining area. I sat in the bar area and looking over the menu i choose as my beverage in a Sweet Tea and ordered not pizza, i ordered the cheesesteak stromboli filled with sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms, and sauce. For my waiting i ordered seasoned curly fries which when they came out they were very hot and crispy, now i ordered the small and as you can see from the video you got alot. Now while i was jamming on my fries my waitress who was also doubling as bartender/server was always making sure i was ok whether if i needed a refil on my drink or good with the fries. Now the moment of truth is at hand! My stromboli comes out and i got the small which is 6 cuts packed with my choice of fillings. This stromboli was very hot, very tasty and delicious from the first bite to the last. My server even brought me a side of sauce just in case i needed some, this is a very nice touch in my opinion because as you all know one of my pet peeves is that you gotta feel welcomed into the restaurant you going to. From the cleanliness of the reataurant, to the great service i received, to that great tasting dinner i recommend everyone to check this place out. I give Moranjo's a "BIG THUMBS UP" and kudos to the kitchen staff as well. Until next time food warriors... You all take care!