Ranch Wagon (The Reuben Dog Review)

Good day Gals and Pals it’s yours truly from NEPA’s Local Eats & Take Out’s, powered by Wyoming Valley Reviews. Now what can I say about this next episode? I thought I saw it all with the frankfurter pizza? Today I stopped out at The Ranch Wagon on the Memorial Highway and now this place has a couple different options? Sit in your car and have the waitress bring it to your car or you can sit under the pavilion or you can sit at one of their tables. Now what to order? The Ranch Wagon is known for their foot long dogs where you can get chili dogs, the Texas Tommy Dog, or the good ole fashion mustard and onion dog. Well the big sign caught my eye that said “Reuben Dog” so I said “why not”? Now this hot dog had Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing and sauerkraut. My first bite went “Holy Moly!” This dog had a great taste to it almost close to the original Reuben you tasted the beef of the dog with all those toppings. This combo came with a side of fries that were very hot and tasty with an RC Cola. This was a quick snack that was filling and very inexpensive at $6.00 and change. The waitress was very polite and the food came out pretty quick. A “BIG THUMBS UP” to the staff here at the Ranch Wagon and if you have not been here yet come and check it out! Until next time.